CO2 Capture and Storage (CCS) and the Industry of Carbon-Based Resources

The course will provide students with a coherent understanding of fossil resources from origin to production and processing. The topic of climate change will be covered from a scientific perspective including mitigation measures and policies. CO2 capture and storage is introduced as an important option to cut CO2 emissions rapidly and drastically. 

Topics covered

  • Carbon-based resources (coal, oil, gas): origin, production, processing, resource economics
  • Climate change: science, mitigation measures, and policies
  • CCS systems: capture in power stations, industrial plants and from ambient air, transportation, storage, negative emission technologies, CO2 utilization

Throughout the lecture, the latest technological developments at scale in the space of CCS will be presented in a number of case studies. Besides technical details, economical, legal & societal aspects are presented, including electricity markets.

Downloads: lecture notes and exercises

FS2021: the lecture will take place over zoom every Monday from February 22nd-March 31st 2021, 10.15-13.00. The zoom link will be sent by email shortly before the first lecture. 

Assistants: Valentina Stampi-Bombelli, Dr. Viola Becattini, Dr. Lorenzo Rosa

The written exam takes place on May 31, 2021, 10:15-12:00. The nature of the exam (in-person or remote) is not yet defined.


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